JUNENMYO RED-Label (Japanese whiskey )  700ml

Product Name: Junenmyo

Producer: Wakatsuru

Variety: Blended whiskey ( Malt grain 50% )

Country: Japan

Vintage: Non vintage years malt

Size: 700ml (Qty 6 Bottles) 21x30x24cm / 8.5kg

Alc: 40%


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Limited to 600 bottles per order

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JUNENMYO RED-Label 700ml 

( Japanese whiskey )

Blended whiskey

Wakatsuru has been producing whiskey since 1952.
A 5-year-old Blended whiskey from the little known Wakatsuru Shuzou distillery (Sake) in Toyama.

The Junenmyo is made from wakatsuru unblended malt whisky and Selected Scotch grain whiskey, they have released a very small amount 10,000 bottles stock in a year. 

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Wakatsuru Shuzo Sake Making movies
Wakatsuru Shuzo Sake Making movies
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